I’m Denice Whiteley

I’m a former software engineer turned virtual operations manager, wife and mom to two terrific young adults. I live in Pennsylvania.

For years I worked a series of jobs. From writing software for the Navy to running an online store for a nonprofit supporting law enforcement officers. I’ve programmed software, wrote product descriptions, took the pictures and ensured everything worked together. I’ve even sold on eBay for other people.

When my job was outsourced to a fulfillment company, I was laid off in 2012.

At first, I wasn’t sure what to do. Maybe you can relate.

Yet, the year before, the seed of an idea had been planted. That idea was to help others grow their businesses using my skills of project management and technical know-how – e.g., virtual operations management.

An Idea Launches

I launched my virtual operations management business in May 2013.

Through networking and continuing education, I began to get clients and figure out systems and processes for my business. It wasn’t long before I put those same skills to work to help my clients streamline their businesses so they have more time for profitable activities and can enjoy their downtime.

After a few months, I realized I loved working with life and business coaches. The reason I chose this group is because I love inspirational messages and coaches are inspirational. They help others get clear on what they want and grow their businesses.

What’s more inspiring than that?

They like working with me because I take the headache out of the tech skills necessary to run a successful online business. I set up webinar and teleseminar software, manage email marketing campaigns and set up Lead Pages so you can collect more email addresses.

In other words, I take the headache out of the tech side of your business so you can concentrate on more profitable tasks.

I also point you to efficient tools and make recommendations on your offers, newsletters, and blog posts to boost response and more.

When I’m not helping clients make more money, I can be found spending time hiking, riding bikes, meditating, volunteering with my church here in PA or enjoying singer/songwriter concerts with my husband of 29 years.

 How can I help you?

Book a time with me to talk about your tech headaches.

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