Denice Whiteley Operations

Do You Need a Reliable Virtual Assistant Who Can Handle Your Tech Headaches and Systematize Your Business?

You know your business relies on having a successful website. You need a competent and reliable virtual assistant to streamline your email capture, newsletter, CRM, podcasts and webinars so everything works together.
What will drive people to your free offer? I can help you determine that.
You know how when you’re having a website problem or can’t get something formatted or connected properly? I can take care of that for you.
Your profitable business also requires systems and processes so you’re able to focus on handling simple, repeatable tasks without reinventing the wheel all the time.
It’s simple really.
You can spend your time troubleshooting tech…and take time and energy away from your most profitable activities like coaching…or, you can get help and streamline your business.
With my focus on life and business coaches, I understand your business model and can help you systematize your business so it runs smoothly…and at a greater profit.
 As a former software engineer, I think in a linear way. This is a benefit to you if you need help setting up systems for yourself so you can get more done. Each problem is a little bit different but the solution is similar. For example, one client is compiling a series of blog posts into an ebook but she had trouble organizing her information. I gave her two ideas, one of those is to create a spreadsheet with headings attached and I gave her a sample spreadsheet.
You have ideas, you may need help prioritizing and implementing. I’ll help you decide and I’ll recommend the most efficient tools for the task.
You started your business so you could do what you love. Coaching others. As a virtual assistant, I can help you do more of what you love.